Analysis and modeling

Landscape change, metrics and structures.

The purpose of the project was to calculate the landscape change over time in Salzburg and to identify if the landscape structure has changed between 2000 and 2006. For that, the Corine land cover data was used from retrieved from the European Environment Agency. The landscape change assessment was implemented using a transition probability matrix, according to the results of it:

  • Pastures changed to the Airport and Green urban areas
  • Mixed forest changed to Green urban areas
  • Mixed forest to Land occupied by agriculture with vegetation

There are 8 kinds of landscape ecology metrics:

  • Area Metrics
  • Patch Density, Size and Variability
  • Edge Metrics
  • Shape Metrics
  • Core Area Metrics
  • Nearest-Neighbor Metrics
  • Diversity Metrics
  • Contagion and Interspersion Metrics

Landscape metrics could be calculated to the three categories:

  •     Patch level: To calculation ever patch type in a mosaic.
  •     Class level: To calculation ever patch type class.
  •     Landscape level: All of the mosaic is calculated

For the Patch level, the following metrics were calculated: AREA, PERIMTER and SHAPE INDEX. And for the Class level, TOTAL CLASS AREA, NUMBER OF PATCHES and PERCENTAGE OF LANDSCAPE metrics were calculated:

For the landscape level metrics: