SDI Services Implementation

FindR – Where is the nearest restroom?

The goal of this project was to find the nearest restrooms in the city of Salzburg and provide the results, using online geoprocessing, using ArcGIS server. The service is utilized in a different clients, as  ArcMap, direct interaction with Server and web application. Data retrieved from:

  • University Buildings Salzburg.
  • OpenStreetMap Data

The data were geocoded manulally and created as a feature class. The similar data from SalzburgInfo and University facilities were merged using a Python script.

Then the data were stored in a database in order to create the spatial analysis tool, which published as a geoprocessing service:



  1. Direct Interaction with the Server:

2) Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS:


3) FindR – Web Application:

Team work: Milena Kocher, Sandra Fruhwirth, Perizat Imanalieva